Additional accommodation options at Twinfalls Farm, Karkloof

We have added 2 more accommodation option to the Twinfalls Farm experience:

We have an old “Hanger” that could be used for camping. It is a very large open space, with a closed in ablution area. Perfect for large groups who enjoy the rustic experience. Situated right next to the Mholweni River, and just down the road from our self-catering cottages.

And for an even more rustic adventure, there is “Will’s Hut” up on top of the world – with the spectacular view of the beautiful Midlands, mystical natural Mist Belt Forest and Grey Mare’s Tail Waterfall, and majestically ‘guarded’ by Mount Gilboa. This very basic wooden hut is 4x6m, with a small water tank with rain fed water, and simple long drop. So, it is similar to sleeping in a cave – bring along all that you will need for a never to be forgotten get away!

Brown Trout found in the Twinfalls Farm rivers, Karkloof

Great excitement as a very healthy population of Brown Trout was re-discovered in the Mholweni river, right next to our Twinfalls Farm self-catering cottages!

Uncle Willy stocked the river with trout years ago, and we were not sure how they are doing. Avid fly-fishing angler staying in our cottages recently sent us these photos with the wonderful news that the Brown Trout are doing well. Uncle Willy would be thrilled!

Beautiful new TwinFalls Farm sign!

We have a new TwinFalls Farm self-catering sign! This is to replace the old sign that was damaged. So now as you travel along the Karkloof road, you will clearly see our new TFF sign directing you to our self-catering cottages. And in celebration of our Rugby World Cup champions, and because we are proud of our country and it’s wonderful potential, we are “Proudly South African“!

Bookings are fulling up for this coming Festive Season – so contact us ASAP if you would like to make a booking…

Karkloof Conservancy Fundraising Event – E BIKE RIDE

What an exciting weekend we have coming up! Not only is Twinfalls Farm sharing our beautiful piece of natural heritage with the Three Cranes Challenge (trail run), but we will also see enthusiastic E-bike riders enjoying our wonderful farm. AND its all for a good cause – fundraising for the conservation of the unique Karkloof mountains and valleys, so that future generations can enjoy this special environment!

Three Crane Challenge

Twinfalls Farm is very excited to be involved once again with the Three Cranes Challenge. The Karkloof Conservancy has hosted the Three Cranes Challenge over the past 12 years, and we have allowed them to use our farm for their race routes.

This year the race is set for the 23 – 26th March 2023.

This unique trail running event, located in the Karkloof, is hosted in support of the Conservancy’s conservation efforts. The race offers runners unparalleled majestic views, stunning trails through grasslands, farmlands, forests, past wetlands and other natural features. It is a guaranteed personal adventure! On many different levels.

Karkloof Conservancy

Please contact us here at Twinfalls Farm self-catering accommodation if you would like to book for this weekend, and stay right here on the route! Time is running out…

And then the sun came out…

After all the rain we have had some beautiful sunny days here in the Karkloof, KZN, South Africa. Please see attached some photos and a video sent to us from guests. They hiked up through the plantations behind the TwinFalls Farm cottages and into the midlands mist-belt grassland – a rare biome that we are actively conserving for future generations.

We are now experiencing a heat wave and so would like some more rain – but not as much as we had a few weeks ago!!

A very wet rainy season!

We have just had a very wet few weeks here at TwinFalls Farm in the Karkloof. Please take a look at some pics of the swollen Mholweni river that runs in front of the Twinfalls Farm cottages, and along our access road. Luckily all guests were safe and enjoyed some R&R in our comfortable TFF self-catering accommodation!

P.S. An adult male bushbuck was spotted getting washed down the river in front of “Ellem” but thank goodness he was seen safely escaping into the grassland further downstream.

Rare Mushroom spotted

Guests celebrating a family birthday took a walk to the right hand waterfall and were delighted to spot a minute and very rare mushroom

Green Wood Cup Fungi Chlorociboria auriginascens. So these little mushrooms have been hunted for 100’s of years. Treasured by the Turkish jewellery box makers for a single reason….

They stain the wood of the host tree the same colour as their pretty pileus.

The tree limbs exhibiting these mushrooms are felled as soon as the mushrooms appear so that the mycelium would not consume the wood to dust over consecutive flushes.

The green/blue wood was used as inlays in the jewelry boxes, and the colour has been retained in some very old examples still to this day.

The hues of the colour green are only found in the rarest of mushrooms. A fantastic find. All praise to God for his awesome creation 🍄

A Magnificent Wedding with Braco looking glorious.

We hosted a beautiful family friend’s wedding on the 30th April. God blessed us with a magnificent day after an anxious week consulting weather apps predicting rain. The bride had prepared with white wellie boots, coat, umbrellas – but nothing was required. Congrats and may God bless you with His abundant grace Doug & Nats

We have plenty of photographs on our Facebook Page: Braco in the Karkloof.

An enthusiastic response to spending the long weekend at Twin Falls Farm self-catering accommodation, Karkloof

A family have enthusiastically shared their experience of Twin Falls over the long weekend.

Evening Mary. What a wonderfully peaceful and restorative time we shared in the cottages your family has created. Arriving to find the horses grazing on the front lawn couldn’t have ben a better surprise for all the horse lovers amongst our group. Watson was also a delightful, unexpected highlight.

We set out to find the waterfalls shortly after arrival. Victor’s directions were perfect, but the wet weather and high volume of water had made the path dissapear towards the end so much so that we were unable to reach them on day one. I hope you dont mind that we used slashers and pangas to clear the nettle overgrowth and remove what we could of the plants that have covered the path to be rewarded by the most spectacular sight. The falling water is breathtakingly beautiful.

We will definitely be back to enjoy and explore again. Our party spanned a huge age gap. Our babe at 9 months to my dad at 79years. We sent the strong and youthful ahead to clear the path for the rest of us who ambled along at a slower pace admiring mushrooms, the beautiful array of indigenous flora and general peace and quiet. All of us made it to the right hand falls on Monday morning, my brother and his family stayed to clear a way to the left hand falls in the afternoon. We will have to return to see the other one!