Just some of the wonderful biodiversity to be found at Twin Falls Farm:

Trees: White Stinkwood, Red Stinkwood, Outeniqua Yellowwood, Real Yellowwood, Cape Chestnut, White Ironwood, Forest Knobwood, Sneezewood, Forest Bushwillow, Round-fruit Forest Spikethorn, Wild Mulberry, Cape Holly, Quar, Cold Bark Ochna, Paper-bark Myrtle, Natal Shell-flower Bush, Rock Alder, Tinderwood, Lemonwood, Bladder-nut, Red Pear, Wild Peach, Cape Laurel, Perdepis, Tree Fuchsia, Pompon Tree,  Natal Forest Cabbage Tree, September Bells, Sagewood, Natal Laburnum

Thank you to Richard Boon for his help in tree identification, and thank you to Margaret Burger (WESSA KZN Region) for the tree tag donation!

Cath Conway attaching a tree tag
Richard Boon confirming tree identification

Flowers: Clivia (including the Twin Falls Karkloof Yellow 1 Clivia), Scadoxuses, Watsonia, Plectranthis, Impatiens (busy Lizzie)


Birds: Olive Bush Shrike, Orange Ground Thrush, Knysna Turacos, Forest Weaver, Narina Trogon, Blue Crane, Secretary Bird, Crowned Eagle, Martial Eagle, Fish Eagle, Long Crested Eagle, Jackal Buzzard… to name a few.

Mammals: Grey Duiker, Bushbuck, Porcupines, Bush Pig, Otter, Vervit and Samango Monkey, Dassie (Rock Hyrax), Genet and many Mongoose species, Leopard, Serval.

Small creatures: a huge range of invertebrates, including a very rare species of butterfly called the Karkloof blue Orachrysops Ariadne.